Autumn 2019

Blood, Sweat, and Questionably Valuable Financial Instruments

There's 3 distinct regions in regards to the operation of theory. The first is one of convenience, where it makes simplifying assumptions for the sake of generating approximate answers and laying foundational understanding of a field. The second is of inconvenience, where the attempt to model ever smaller intricacies of the real world leads theory to become more complicated than it's worth.

1000 Words Worth a Picture

There's a lot to unpack with this one, most of it I probably won't even get into with this post, so I'm just going to start this one from the top and see where it goes.

Funny. That's how I wrote this notebook page too.

Metacontractually Obligated

Alright, here's the rules: You tell me to create a portfolio about my experience at the University of Washington, and by nature of being at the University of Washington and making the portfolio, I get to submit the portfolio itself as an artifact.

Bear with me here, because there's something a little deeper here than "Wow, I'm reflecting."

Autumn Reflection

I came to the University of Washington with something to prove; If you give me an inch, I’ll take the mile I deserve.

Arrogant? Perhaps a little. Spiteful? Most definitely.

So, when I came ready to fight, I didn’t expect things to be so… easy?